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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Salon: Todd Gitlin: Why Progressives Should Vote For President Obama: "Obama Opens Doors to Progress, Romney Slams Them Shut"

Obama opens doors to progress, Romney slams them shut

I already wrote a blog about this last week but the heart of the Progressive case to vote for President Obama. Is to prevent something worse from becoming President of the United States to go with a Tea Party Congress. Maybe Mitt Romney moves back to his days as Governor of Massachusetts and becomes the Moderate-Liberal on Social Issues he was back then. And gives up some of the Neoconservative views he's had on Social Issues this year but we simply don't know that, Democrats know what they are getting. With President Obama, Independents know that as well and can see the progress on things like Gay Rights, the Auto and Manufacturing Industries. The economy is growing and no longer shrinking, we are creating jobs every month instead of losing them, an additional 30M people will be covered by Health Insurance. Instead of us having more people without Health Insurance and so fourth, things that wouldn't happen under a President Romney.

If Progressives vote for who they prefer ideologically and vote for someone who at best gets 5% of the vote. Then we'll have a President Mitt Romney in 2013 and all of the progress we've made the last four years, as slow as it might be. Will all be for not and things like the Affordable Care Act will be repealed and people will once again lose Health Insurance because they need it, have had it too long. Or some type of Pre Existing Condition, all of the progress that we've made the last four years, will be repealed under. A President Romney and Tea Party Congress, thats why Progressives should vote for President Obama.
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