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Monday, October 29, 2012

TheLipTV: "Three Strikes Corruption", Prop 36 with Donald M. Re on Media Mayhem

In 1994 President Clinton and a Democratic Congress passed the 1994 Crime bill, that had what's known as a Three Strikes Law. Which is people would get Three Strikes and these Strikes have to do with people who commit violent felons, once they are convicted of a Third Strike, they would automatically. Be sentenced to 25-Life in prison, they would be eligible for parole after serving twenty five years in prison. I support this law as a way to reduce violent crime in America and if you look at that law and the crime rate, especially the violent crime rate before Bill Clinton became. President in 1993, the 1980s and early 1990s and what the crime and violent crime rate was when President Clinton left office in 2001, you can see this approach worked, because we were getting. Violent felons off of the streets and in prison for long term sentences, so they couldn't victimize innocent people on the streets.

What I'm not in favor if, is applying Three Strikes to non violent felonies, we've found that people who. Have been arrested for possessing illegal narcotics, are now facing long term sentences for those crimes, for simply possessing illegal narcotics. And thats just one example of why we have too many people in prison in America because we have people doing long term sentences who don't represent. Serious threats to society, so thats something we need to change as it apples to Three Strikes.
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