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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Al Jazeera: UN to Vote on US Embargo of Cuba

The Communist Republic of Cuba is obviously not a perfect country with a perfect government, far from it. If they were they wouldn't be a Communist Republic and would be more Democratic but since Fidel Castro is out of power they have made steps in the right direction. They are moving towards privatizing their economy and giving Cubans economic freedom, under what's called State Capitalism. Which is essentially a mixture of Capitalism and State Ownership with a large Welfare State and they have moved. To give Cubans some religious freedom as well and bringing the Catholic church back in Cuban life, President Raul Castro has figured out that Communism doesn't work. At least not as well as advertised and there's a limit to what the Communist government can do for. Its people and that Cubans need the freedom to run their own lives for Cuba to ever be able to take off. And succeed as a country.

Cuba is not a threat to America militarily, economically or when it comes to terrorism or anything else. And the Communist government is moving to become less of a threat to its own people, which is something. That America needs to realize and that the only people they are hurting are the Cuban people and American business's that want to do business in this country. I'm not for repealing the trade embargo unconditionally, the Castro Regime would have to show that trading. With Cuba would go to benefit the country, not to subsidize the government but we should do this.
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