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Monday, November 19, 2012

AlterNet: Michael Moore: 10 Things Obama Should Do

Michael Moore: 10 Things Obama Should Do | Alternet

I hate to break it all you Social Democrats out there in America thats spread around what 5-6 parties and if you. Want to include the Progressive Caucus a party, its more like 6-7 but your Presidential candidates didn't win in 2012. And partly to do to the fact that you are so spread out which is a different blog, between all of you, you didn't even get 1% of the vote. And lets say for the hell of it that Barack Obama ran on the Green party agenda, the so called New Green Deal that Jill Stein put forward. Good luck winning any of those swing states, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida. Colorado, Nevada all of these states by the way except for Colorado having Republican Governors, a big reason. Why they are swing states because both Democrats and Republicans can win statewide there, good luck winning statewide. With an agenda that only plays well in the Northeast and California.

Whether America is a center left of center right country right now and I would argue center left as a Liberal Democrat. And thats not the only reason why we are between the thirty yard lines either way, we like our economic and social freedom. And don't like being pulled very far in either direction, we don't like high taxes and over centralized government and we don't want to be told how to live our lives. And what it means to be an American, this is something that Bill Clinton understood most of his Presidency. And something that President Obama understands now and something that Mitt Romney apparently doesn't if you look at how far. To to the right he ran for most of his Presidential campaign, before he finally figured out that wasn't winning. Social Democrats had their candidate, her name is Jill Stein, who failed to even get 1% of the vote and they have their members in Congress as well, House and Senate. But they don't have the White House.

Had President Obama ran on the agenda that Jill Stein and other Social Democrats wanted, he would've lost. In a landslide and would've lost all of the swing states and perhaps even had put some Democratic states in play as well. It would've been George McGovern of 2012, which is something that President Obama understands and Progressives don't.
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