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Friday, November 2, 2012

CBPP: Hannah Shaw & Chad Stone: Key Things to Know About Unemployment Insurance

Key Things to Know About Unemployment Insurance — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Here a couple of reforms for Unemployment Insurance that would save the program and more importantly Tax Payers. Long term, turn it over to the States to run and even allow workers to opt out and purchase what. I would call private Employment Insurance, which is actually different from Unemployment Insurance. Which I'll get to later as long as workers actually purchase some type of Employment Insurance, private or public. Second thing I would do would transform Unemployment Insurance to Employment Insurance and open up Employment Centers all across the country instead of Unemployment Offices. Where unemployed workers would go to yes collect their Employment Insurance but would also get help finding a job. And if the job in the field that they are trained to do is no longer available for whatever reasons, they would get. Financial help to go back and get Job Training, from like a Community College or private Job Training programs. To get the additional skills to find a job in another field.

Converting Unemployment Insurance into to Employment Insurance would cost more money in the short term. I'm not doubting that and we would have to increase what I would call EI taxes to fund it but it would payoff in the long term because we would put more people to work and do that faster. Because we would end up with more people looking for work with additional skills, which would empower them to. Be able to get jobs in other fields.
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