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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Salon: Alex Seitz-Wald: GOP Civil War: Herman Cain Calls For Third Party

GOP civil war: Herman Cain calls for third party

This would actually be a very good move for either a new Republican Party that emerges as the real Conservative party. In America thats actually built around limited government and not trying to tell Americans how to live their lives and force us to live like its still the 1950s, where non Europeans are. Considered Un American or maybe the same GOP would remain just with different people, a more inclusive GOP. Thats built around economic and fiscal Conservatism but is moderate to tolerant on social issues or even Conservative in the classical sense on social issues and sounds more Libertarian. Where the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson people would be welcomed in the GOP, rather then run out. And Neoconservatives leave the GOP to form some far right party, because the GOP is no longer that far right. Party or maybe the Neoconservatives stay but are no longer running the party because they are outnumbered. And seen as nothing more then a fringe like some Progressives in the Democratic Party.

A third party thats either a Conservative party or a far right party would be good for America and American Conservatism. Because it would allow for a real Conservative party to emerge and give Americans a real choice between Liberals and Conservatives, rather then Liberals or Moderate- Liberals. And Neoconservatives which isn't much of a choice for anyone, considering how small of a voting block Neoconservatives. Are in America judging by the election results Tuesday night, where far right Republicans lost all over the country.
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