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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Salon: AP's Norma Love: Former U.S. Sen. Warren Rudman dies at 82: The GOP Losing Another Northeastern Republican

Former U.S. Sen. Warren Rudman dies at 82

The term Northeast Republican gets thrown out a lot, from the far right a Northeast Republican would be a Moderate-Liberal Republican. Someone who looks like a Democrat but from time to time votes and governs like a Republican on economic issues. But for a Northeast Republican I'm guessing a Northeast Republican is a Republican who can get elected in the Northeast. Elected statewide even, like the George Pataki's Governor of New York for three terms, Bill Weld who was Governor of Massachusetts. A Democratic heaven, Maine's Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins both serving in the US Senate right now together. Senator Snowe actually leaving Congress at the end of this year, which I'll get into later but basically she is a. Northeast Republican, there's that term again, former Senator Judd Gregg who served as a Representative, Governor and then Senator from New Hampshire was a Northeastern Republican. Even freaking Mitt Romney was a Northeast Republican before he decided he wanted to be President was a. Northeast Republican politically and perhaps still geographically, depending on where he calls his current home.

Now I'll tell you my definition of a Northeast Republican, a Republican whose economically and fiscally conservative. Who believes in a strong defense and whose also a Conservative Internationalist on foreign policy but whose moderate-tolerant. On social issues, Liberal even or Conservative in the classical sense, Libertarian even but does not go along with the religious right or Neoconservatives on social issues. Is not caught up in some 1950s mindset of what America is and anyone who doesn't fall in line with that is. Either a Liberal or Socialist or just flat out Un American, former Senator Warren Rudman from the live free or die State of New Hampshire. Can't get much more Liberal or Libertarian and anti Big Government then that, was a Northeast Republican and represented the best aspects of Conservatism. And represents exactly what's wrong with today's GOP who predicted back in 1996 that the GOP would no. Longer be a major political party if they stayed on their current course ideologically.

Warren Rudman was a great Senator who was one of the best people to ever serve in Congress, in his twelve years. In the Senate and represented both exactly why the Republican Party use to be the Grand Ole Party and why they aren't today. Because there's just not enough Northeastern Republicans left in the Republican party.
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