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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Daily Beast: BeastTV: Meghan McCain: "What Republicans are Doing Wrong and Why Karl Rove Sucks"

Even though Megan McCain is still baby face adorable and could pass for 15-16 years old, she makes a good grown up point. Here that the demographic that Republicans continue to shoot ever single election, since 1964 or 66. Older rural Caucasian Protestant men and their wives is no longer going to be enough for Republicans to get elected nationally and if. You looked at the Senate elections last week, no longer just enough for Republicans to get elected statewide for Senate. Just look at some of the Senate Democrats seats and the states they represent, one in North Dakota and in South Dakota. One in Missouri, two in Montana, one in Louisiana, one in Arkansas, one in North Carolina, one in Alaska. Two in West Virginia, these are all Republican states that Mitt Romney won overwhelmingly that President Obama. Didn't put much effort into winning and yet Democrats can get elected to the Senate from there.

Republicans are either going to have to bring in new voters or they are going to go out of business. At least as a major political party and then Conservative adults and perhaps even Libertarians if this doesn't happen. Before they are no longer a major party, will put together a party that represents a real Conservative party in the United States. Not some far right party that can only appeal to, well if you said far right, you would be correct.
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