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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Thom Hartmann Show: Thom on FDR and The Fiscal Cliff: Where America is Ideologically

Is the United States a Liberal nation, I would argue yes not just because I'm a Liberal Democrat myself. But look at our constitution with all of those Liberal Democratic rights and freedoms that it guarantees. Including limiting the Federal Government so it doesn't take our rights away from us and doesn't try to do for us what we can't do for ourselves. And giving states a lot of authority to govern the country. That doesn't mean that government can't help the needy but what it does mean is that Americans have the right and responsibility. To look out for ourselves as best as we can and for the people who do need help from the government. They can get that help but we are not suppose to be living off of government, when we can and should. Be supporting ourselves, I argue that America is probably more Liberal then we are Conservative or we are about even.

But we are Liberal and Conservative in the traditional sense of what Liberalism and Conservatism was thought of and how it. Actually is, not how its stereotyped today, under Jack Kennedy and Barry Goldwater,we are not a Social Democracy. Or as I would prefer to call it Socialist Democracy like you see in Canada and Europe where government. Is not there to help people in need but literally take care of us with our own money, we are much more Liberal. And Conservative then we are Socialist, up until the 1930s America was a lot like a Libertarian or. Even Conservative Democracy, where government was really only there to defend us and protect us from. People who would do us harm and FDR comes around and introduces the country to Democratic Socialism in the official sense. And builds that Progressive wing of the party, that LBJ build on in the 1960s but we've never gotten to that next level.

We've never gotten to the point where our government would look like Canada or Europe because the. People have never wanted us to go that far, a feeling that Ron Reagan and other Conservatives. Ran on in the 1970s and came to power because of in the 1980s and is something Bill Clinton and other so called New Democrats. The real Liberal Democrats in the party understood and ran on defending and promoting individual freedom. For all and especially empowering freedom for the people who didn't have it, not trying to create a Welfare State. But protect the current Safety Net that we already had, I believe this is something that Barack Obama. Understands and why he's not a Socialist that Right Wingers claim he is or that Progressives. Wish he were and why they are do disappointed with him so far.

President Obama wants government to work and empower people who need it. But not looking to transform America into Canada or Europe where we are spending roughly 50% of our GDP. On government and most of that being on a Welfare State.
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