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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

AlterNet: Opinion- Michael Moore: 'Three Reasons America Is Falling Apart And How We Can Save Ourselves'

Source: AlterNet- The American Flag-
Source: AlterNet: Opinion- Michael Moore: 3 Reasons America Is Falling Apart And How We Can Save Ourselves

I'm not going to argue that America is a perfect country. I'm not going to argue that any country is a perfect country. Sorry Socialists, I'm not going to argue that even Sweden or Canada are perfect countries. The fact is we don't have a socialist utopia on this planet, that idea is some made up fantasy from books and movies. Where no one is poor, no one is rich, no one is hungry, no one is sick, no one is anything bad, nothing but positives, everything looks like everyone's best pot fantasy of a paradise.

What I'm going to argue is that America is the best country because we have the best Constitution, the best values and believe in individual freedom and individualism, diversity, to the point that if you make it in, America you are entitled to keep most of the benefits of your creations for what you produce for the country. That Americans are not expected but required to take as good as care of themselves as they can and then government can come in and help people who can't take care of themselves. But its not the job of government to provide people with quote free services that of course aren't free. So-called Progressives need to get past the idea that public services are free because they simply aren't, they are paid for through taxes.

The problem with America is not that we have too much freedom, in some cases we don't have enough freedom. The War on Drugs is a perfect example of that, the problem is we don't have enough people who have the freedom to take care of themselves because we don't have an education system thats providing enough quality education for everyone who needs it. Which is anyone born and raised in the country, 35th in the world where we are competing with emerging economic superpowers like China, Brazil, India, and Russia is simply not good enough.

Thats why we have so many people in poverty because we simply don't have enough workers in this country with the skills to be able to take care of themselves. Because we still have an education system where the parents and economic level you are born to determines how good of an education you are going to get in life and where you grow up. Also determines what kind of education you'll get in life, rather than what's the best school for you. And until we fix these problems we'll never have a working class that can bring down poverty in this country.

Liberal democracy is about the people having the freedom to live their own lives as long as they aren't taking away the freedom of others to live there's. So when you hear Liberal Democrat, think of someone who believes in liberty and democracy. The problem with America is not that Americans have too much freedom, but the problem is that not enough Americans have the freedom to live their own lives because they are uneducated. Or undereducated and the answer is not to give more power to government over us to take care of us and show us the right direction in life. But the answer is to empower more Americans with the liberty to live their own lives and we only get there with a better education system, a great education system. Thats based on what's the best school for the student to go to instead based on where the student lives.
Michael Moore: A Brief History of America
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