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Thursday, December 27, 2012

AlterNet: Opinion: Steven Hill: "Don't Cut Social Security, Double It": Another Big Government Socialist Solution We Don't Need

Don't Cut Social Security -- Double It | Alternet

I've been waiting to hear some Progressive/Social Democrat to propose a single payer national retirement system. That of course would replace the private retirement system, which in English means Americans would no. Longer be able to make their own retirement decisions because the Federal Government would do that for them. Under this system states who provide pensions for their workers and perhaps even for some of their private sector workers. Would no longer be able to set up their own pension systems, so not only would Americans be out of the loop. About their own retirement, other then calling their Representative or Senator in Washington. Perhaps writing a letter to the President but Americans themselves would not only have their economic freedom. Taken away from them as far as how to plan their own retirement and be forced to give that up to the states. But all of this power, the ability for one to plan their own retirement and be able to manage their own money that. They worked for would be stripped away from them and given to the Federal Government, which would make. Those decisions for them.

Even Canada and Europe countries that are for more Socialist then us have private retirement systems and then. The Federal Governments there have an insurance system their version of Social Security for people who don't. Have a big enough pension to take care of them, because they understand again countries on average who. Have public sectors that are twice as large as ours on average as far as how much of their GDP the government spends. They have public/private retirement systems, they also have public/private healthcare systems, actually Germany. Has a private healthcare system period, so for a Progressive to say now that this idea is not radical or extreme. Because the rest of the industrialized World does this, would be simply false, all of these countries are Democracies. Yes not as Liberal as America and more Socialist but the people in these countries all have the freedom to make. These decisions for themselves instead of the Federal Government doing it for them.

This idea that the United States Government an organization now running a national debt of 16T$ which is. On course to reach a new limit by Monday according to the Secretary of Treasury and running a deficit of. Approaching 2T$ and has fraud, waste and abuse across the board all over the Federal budget, yes in defense as well. But also in social insurance and agriculture is in better position to manage the peoples money better for them. Is nuts, every worker understands what he makes and what they need to survive and how much they can afford. To put away and what they'll need to be able to pay their bills long run, its just a matter of can they afford. To put enough money away to be able to take care of themselves as they get older, its not so much. That they are ignorant and don't understand money as if the US Government does, again look at their system. And balance sheet right now but more of a question of they can afford to put enough money away right now.

What we need to do as a country and again its gets to do you believe in Liberal Democracy or Social Democracy. Is empower Americans to be able to take care of themselves and empower them to have their own economic freedom. And be able to plan their own retirements which is what planning for a pension is all about, which is what. You do in a Liberal Democracy, rather then saying look we have too many people in this country without the. Economic freedom to make their own decisions, so instead of empowering them to be able to make their own. Decisions we are just going to make those decisions for them which is what you get in a Socialist system.
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