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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

AlterNet: Via Blog For Our Future: Richard Eskow: "Four Terrible Arguments for Raising the Medicare Age": How We Should Reform Medicare

4 Terrible Arguments for Raising the Medicare Age and Why They're Wrong | Alternet

Just to write the counter to what Progressive blogger Richard Eskow said about why raising the Medicare age. Would be a bad idea, its pretty simple if raising the retirement age is done right. That one it wouldn't effect current. Medicare retirees, even if they are currently younger then what the new retirement age would be. Two that there would be a couple exceptions to the new retirement age, it wouldn't effect people who work very physically demanding jobs. So these workers wouldn't have to work longer before they could collect Medicare and Social Security. And it wouldn't also effect low income workers, so these people could not only collect Medicare early. But also continue to work while they are still collecting Medicare and Social Security, because they simply. Need to in order to pay their bills. There's bogus info coming from both the right and left when it comes to Medicare and how it could be reformed. And what certain reforms would do to the program, saying that more people would be uninsured if the retirement age. Were to be raised, is example of a false attack from the left.

But raising the retirement age is simply not enough, we have to go much further but we don't have to do anything. That would hurt the people who depend on Medicare, like requiring wealthy people older and people who aren't. Retired yet to pay more for Medicare, before they retire and once they are on Medicare, turning Medicare into a public option. Where non seniors would be allowed to buy into Medicare and use it as their main source for health insurance. Which is what Democrats attempted to do by in 2009-10, House Republicans will probably never go along with this idea. Unless maybe if the states were allowed to set up their own public option as it relates to Medicare, something I would be in favor of doing. Congress is up for reelection again in 2014 and if Democrats were to hold onto to the Senate and take back the House. Democrats could do this is under what's called budget reconciliation starting in 2015.

When you hear Progressives go off on how horrible or mean spirited an idea of raising the retirement age would be. All I ask that you do, is one consider the source the only reforms Social Democrats tend to be interested when. It comes to Medicare reform is turning it into Medicare For All Single Payer and then look at the proposals yourself. To see what they actually would do and also notice that both Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans support this idea.
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