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Friday, December 21, 2012

CBPP: Off the Charts Blog: James Honey: Protecting Public Assistance in Deficit Reduction

Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Don’t Forget: Protect the Poorest Americans in Any Deficit Savings “Backstop”

I agree when it comes to deficit reduction that one of the first targets from both Republicans and Democrats sadly. Is public assistance, why because thats where a lot of money is, not enough to balance budgets but still in the. Hundreds of billions of dollars and even when we are talking about budget deficits approaching 2T$, hundreds. Of billions of dollars is still a hell of a lot of money when it comes to deficit reduction, even in Washington. Enough money that if it were invested in infrastructure could put hundreds of thousands of people back to work and the other reason. Being we are talking about low income people who simply don't make enough money to pay their own bills. The key reason why they are living on public assistance and because they lack money compared with big oil. Or tobacco or alcohol or labor they simply don't have the resources to lobby Congress when it comes time. To cut the Federal budget but it doesn't have to be this way we could literally prevent Congress and the. Administration from slashing public assistance by simply getting their hands off of it and forcing them to go where most of the money is when it comes to deficit reduction.

By simply making these programs self reliant financially meaning they would have dedicated revenue to just fund them. Not have to compete with other tax revenue to finance them and reform them by designing them to empower the. People who depend on them by working their way off of them and becoming more independent and self sufficient. So they wouldn't have to live off of these programs for as long and then we could block grant them to the states. With basic regulations, that the money for them would only go to finance them and whatever surplus's come from them. Could be used to fund other things and that anyone whose eligible for them that these programs have the funds. To cover would be eligible to receive that assistance and then the Feds would be there to oversee them not. Run them but conduct oversight to see how they are working, we could go a long way to helping the. Federal Government get its fiscal house and order and also moving millions of Americans out of poverty. And into self independence.

Balancing budgets off the backs of the less fortunate in America is not only wrong abandoning people who need us. But it also doesn't work because it causes future problems for society down the road and it also doesn't work. Because there's simply not enough resources there to get the Federal deficit under control if this is the only. Area you target when it comes to deficit reduction but moving people out of poverty solves a lot of problems. For society as well as getting the Feds out of the way.
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