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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RTAmerica: "Congress on The Hunt For Student Debtors": A Problem We Don't Have to Have

The whole student debt issue goes to the fact of how the weak the economic recovery from the Great Recession. And the fact that we have so many college graduates that can't find jobs or can't find jobs that meet their skills set. So they end up making a lot less money then their skills call for and also end up working a lot less then they normally would. Also based on their skill set and is a problem we really can't afford and a problem that don't have to have. And we could have a system that basically guarantees universal higher education for all high school students and adults. Who are already in the workforce but want to go back to school to get additional skills to get. Another job and is something that we can fund as a country, that the Federal Government wouldn't even. Have to run or takeover the college financing system but by setting up a system where parents and along. With their employers and their kids could pay into and payback once they start working again. Over a 15-20 year period or could pay it off before then.
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