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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Salon: Alex Halperin: "McDonald’s Pay Chasm": $8.25/hour to $8.75 million/year: The Price We Pay For Education and Not Having Enough of it

McDonald’s pay chasm: $8.25/hour to $8.75 million/year

Progressives are constantly complaining about how much more CEO's of companies make compared with their. Employees especially in the service industries like fast food and say that this is some type of crime that well. Skilled white collar workers make so much more then low skilled workers, not realizing that American workers. Are paid based on their skills and production what they bring to the table as employees and just finishing high school. Or not even doing that, limits the amount of jobs you'll have a shot at in life and how much money you'll be able to make. Unless you are an athlete or an entertainer, have some raw and natural ability or abilities that you don't need a college education. To accomplish, so when you see minimum wage workers or people making just above that, that probably has. Something to do with the skills or lack of skills that worker has, where all they really need is a basic education. To perform those jobs, as well as training on the job to do that, which generally takes a few days.

We now live in a knowledge and skills based economy, we have now for at least twenty years, where just a high school diploma. No longer guarantees that an American worker will be able to live in the middle class, as factory worker or a truck driver. To use as examples that those are also highly skilled jobs that requires a formal education to be able to perform and perform well. So the better your education and skills are, the better job opportunities you'll have and the better opportunities you'll. Have to make good money in life and be able to be a white collar worker that manages or runs a company that. Has service industry workers working for you, rather then quite frankly being one of those service industry. Workers making 8$ an hour and probably has another low skilled job just to be able to pay their bills, its really simple. You more you know, the better you'll be able to do in life.

We have a lot of these service industry workers and I'm not talking high school adolescents who work at McDonalds. Or some place on the weekend but grown adults who might of been working a job like this for twenty years. Because they didn't graduate from college or even go to college or perhaps even didn't finish high school. But it doesn't have to be this way, we can empower more people in this country to get a good education, a college. Education even whether they are in high school right now or are working adults who are working low skilled jobs. For basically the amount of money that we spend in Afghanistan and Iraq, its just a matter of priorities, where we want to spend our tax dollars.
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