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Friday, December 21, 2012

Salon: Irin Carmon: "The Latest War on Single Moms": Why Subsidizing Work Over Dependence is The Answer

The latest war on single moms

Again another proposal from the Progressive Great Society supporters and saying that we should be more like Europe. That when low parents have kids whether they are working or not, that government meaning tax payers should. Subsidize them when they make those decisions of having kids before they are financially and emotionally. Ready to raise kids, I'm not talking about throwing families off of public assistance but I'm certainly not in. Favor of subsidizing the parents of these kids for making bad decisions that result in them not making enough money. To support themselves and their kids, what we should be ding is recognizing that we have too many people. Living in poverty in America especially kids and that we have too many people in this country that are having. Kids before they are ready to raise them on their own and live up to their own responsibilities and we have too. Many parents fathers and mothers who walkout on their kids and aren't around to take care of them financially. And emotionally and not living up to their responsibilities as parents and that we need to fix these problems. If we are ever going to bring down poverty to a level thats more competitive with our competitors.

Like I said last night we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to helping people out of poverty. Yes kicking families off of public assistance who haven't broken any laws which seems to be what the Tea Party. Wants to do doesn't work but subsidizing people indefinitely on public assistance and allowing them to live. Off of people who made good decisions in life doesn't work either, they stay in poverty indefinitely and their. Kids are basically subjected to the same future which is what the old system was at least as it related to Welfare Insurance. Was up until Welfare to Work was created in 1996 that produced Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Or TANF for short, you want to help people out of poverty, empower them to get an education whether they are. Currently working or not and subsidize them more when they work rather then when they aren't working. To show them that work pays and not working keeps you in poverty without much hope for a future. And then of course penalize parents for not taking care of their kids, absentee fathers and mothers.

Instead of giving single moms and dads indefinite financial assistance, help these kids out poverty through. Education, job training and job placement and track down absentee parents and have them pay for their kids. In raising them by forcing them to pay child support by making it illegal to walkout on your kids and the penalty. Being no not sending them to jail but forcing them to pay child support for their kids based on what they make. Out of their paychecks or public assistance checks and we could move millions of more Americans out of poverty. By educating parents and their kids and making illegal to not live up to your responsibilities in raising your own kids.

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