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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Salon: Michael Lind: "Big Government Isn’t The Problem": Defining Big Government and Why It Is a Problem

Big government isn’t the problem

Before I go too far into this, I should layout exactly what Big Government is or at the very least what I see Big Government. To be as a Liberal and before I'll do that I'll just explain that I'm not anti government, before I'm accused of being a Libertarian or something. I'm against bloated, inefficient government, especially since its funded through tax dollars, if you like big inefficient. Organizations, then start one of your own but as long as we all fund the same government, it should be as efficient. And as effective as possible, which is one reason why I'm against Big Government, because the definition. For me at least as a Liberal of what Big Government is, is simply government trying to do too much for the. People with other peoples money, basically trying to do things for the people, that they can do for themselves. Like making peoples education and healthcare decisions for them to use as examples.

Big Government is not law enforcement, unless they are violating our civil liberties or trying to enforce laws. That shouldn't be laws to begin with, take marijuana prohibition to use as an example. Big Government is not the military, unless they are involved in wars that they shouldn't be in. Take Vietnam or the second Iraq War to use as examples, Big Government is not public education unless. They are forcing people into schools, rather then  giving them a choice in where they should be able to go to. School, Big Government is not healthcare or health insurance, unless they are the only games in town and the people are. Required to use those public health services without a choice in where they get their healthcare. Big Government is government trying to do for the people that they can do for themselves and do better. Or government trying to do too much or government trying to protect people from themselves.

Another thing Big Government just doesn't come from Socialists on the left, people who believe in the welfare state. And Democratic Socialism but Big Government also comes from the right, Neoconservatives who now run the. Republican Party who believe Americans have too much social freedom to use as an example. There are Statists on the left and right and as strange as this may sound, they have two big things in common. They both love Big Government, people who I call Big Government lovers and they are both Statists, people who. Put a lot of faith in the state to protect people even at times from themselves, so when you hear. People like Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann go off on the dangers of Big Government, take that with. At least one grain salt after you stop laughing at hearing that.

I'm not in favor of Big Government obviously, I'm not in favor of Small Government, I'm in favor of effective government. Which comes from limited government, this is what we need government to do for us that we can't do for ourselves. Or do as well and this is the best way to fund it, thats the most economically and fiscally responsible manner. And in the future I'm sure I'll write a blog about what exactly I believe government should be doing.
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