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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary: Comparing the Messages of Martin King with Malcolm X

Malcolm X is a perfect example of someone who died prematurely and someone who had so much more they could've contributed. I would love to know what Malcolm X today would've thought of the State of the African American Community. How far they've come and what challenges they face and what they could be doing in the future. Malcolm X to me represents what the message should be for African Americans. As far as lifting them out of poverty and climbing to the Middle Class. And doing even better then that and being Self Sufficient. Libertarian Professor and Author Thomas Sowell, called the modern Welfare State. I'm paraphrasing here but 21st Century Slavery, because the African Slaves were dependent on they're Caucasian Owners. For food, safety, clothing etc, he said that one problem with Slavery is that it created dependence. Making the African Slaves dependent of they're owners for they're survival. Well even though African Americans today are currently free, a lot of them per capita are still dependent. On Public Assistance for they're survival. Well Malcolm X's message was of Self Reliance not dependence.

Dr. Martin Luther king, again someone who died at a young age, who had so much more to contribute to America. Had the message to give African Americans they're full freedom under law. Meaning that Racial Discrimination would no longer be tolerated under law and would be punished. Which is what led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Law on 1968. Dr. King understood that to achieve these things, he was going to need help. That his community was clearly outnumbered and that he was going to need a Rainbow Coalition, to quote Rev. Jesse Jackson. Caucasians and others to achieve this and that even though violence was going to be used against his movement. But that if they fought back, they would be seen as trouble makers and the movement wouldn't be taken seriously. Dr. King understood this, whereas Malcolm X's had a message of "By Any Means Necessary". If your attacked, physically fight back.

Martin King had the message to that would get African Americans not they're Civil Right and Liberties. Because they already had that under the US Constitution. But got those Constitutional Rights enforced under law with all of the Civil Rights Legislation. But Malcolm X had the message to move the African American Community post the Civil Rights Era. A message of Self Reliance, getting a good education and a good job. Having kids when you ready to raise them and being Self Reliant and not dependent on Public Assistance.