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Monday, May 14, 2012

"US Private Prisons want you": The Dangers of Profiting from The Incarceration of Others

I got into a discussion with a Facebook friend of mine last week over a post. I posted from the AlterNet Magazine about Private Prisons in America. This friend of mine is an admitted Socialist Libertarian and a damn good one I might add. Who I have a lot of respect for, mainly for his sick candor, he knows what his politics are. And even though Socialist is considered an insult by a lot of Americans, not afraid of the label and even proud of it. Even though we rarely agree on Economic Policy, remember he's a Democratic Socialist at that, who describes his politics. As Socialist Libertarian, similar to Professor Noam Chomsky or Rep. Dennis Kucinich. So we tend to agree on Social Issues, where he tends to be, perhaps as Liberal as I am. He's in favor of Organize Gambling being legal to use as an example. The first Progressive I know of who's in favor of Organize Gambling. I posted about Private Prisons and he made the comment that the Arizona Private Prion Law or its Immigration Law was written by a Right Wing group. Called ALEC, don't know if thats true or not, It wouldn't surprise if it were, but somehow this turned into a debate, I'm not that familiar with ALEC to begin with.

I say this because my friend and I are both opposed to Private Prisons. And I'm guessing for the exact same reasons, because these Prisons are not only Private but For Profit. And use groups like ALEC and others, to lobby for more laws and longer Prison Sentences. And perhaps for more stricter rules in Prisons, why so they can lock up their inmates for longer sentences. Be able to lock up more people for more crimes, be able to extend the Prison Sentences of their inmates. Because of new infractions the inmates may have committed while in Prison, all at Tax Payer expense. Thats all you need to know why Private Prisons are a bad idea, corporations making money off the backs of Prison Inmates and Tax Payers. States can do this of course, as long as they are within their own State Constitution and the US Constitution. And I do believe in Federalism, as long as States are acting Constitutionally. But the word needs to get out more why this is a bad idea and who profits off of Tax Payers as a result.

In understand the Budget Deficits at both the Federal and State Levels and the need to deal with them and cut costs. And some States see Private Prisons as a way of doing this but they are cutting costs the wrong way. Off of the backs of people who can't really defend themselves, without risking more trouble while in Prison. And Tax Payers who have to pay the costs of these people do the time in Private Prisons. And the word on this needs to get out more.