Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Jobs and Medicare are Issues Beyond Partisanship": The Tea Party Strategy to Save the Democratic Senate

When I look at some of the Tea Party Congressional Candidates, especially Senate Candidates. And I see them actually defeat real Conservative Republicans, who are the incumbents for these seats. Like Sen. Bob Bennett from Utah, now Sen. Dick Lugar from Indiana and perhaps Sen. Orrin Hatch also from Utah, perhaps later this summer. I think to myself maybe the Tea Party are closet Democrats with the goal of retaining a Democratic Senate. Because thanks to the Tea Party and the Tea Party alone, what was once safe Senate Seats for Senate Republicans. And part of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's strategy of becoming Senate Leader, ousting Leader Harry Reid. Was to not have to defend any vulnerable Republican Seats, that strategy has now been flushed down the toilet thanks to the Tea Party alone, no one else. If Senate Republicans don't take back the Senate in 2012, it will be because of the Tea Party and a weak Presidential Candidate. Not anything that Democrats did, other then to counter Tea Party Candidates with sane Candidates. People who aren't on the fringe, Far Left or Far Right and can get elected Statewide.

If Senate Leader Harry Reid retains his Senate Majority, currently its 53-47, meaning on paper. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to pick up a net of four seats and if Mitt Romney were to win the Presidency, nowhere near a safe bet. Again thanks to the Tea Party, then Minority Leader McConnell needs to pick up three seats, with a tie going to the Ruling Party. The Party with the White House or if Leader Reid were to pick up lets say two seats, which again thanks to the Tea Party, is not out the window. It will be because of the Tea Party and Leader Reid would then owe every single Tea Party Senate Candidate, Christmas Gift, for losing to a sane Democrat. Why, because thanks to the Tea Party Maine which was once a safe seat for them, is now up for grabs. Because Sen. Olympia Snowe, real Conservative on paper is resigning at the end of the year, not running for reelection. Because she was worried about a Primary Challenge from a Tea Party Candidate and that seat probably now leans Democratic.

Maine is a Democratic State, Indiana again another once safe seat for Republicans, thanks to Sen. Dick Lugar. But he lost the Republican Primary to a Tea Party Candidate, to someone who apparently believes that Americans aren't qualified to vote for their own Senate Candidates, this being Richard Murdoch. Probably another Big Government Republican running against a Centrist Democrat in Representative Joe Donnelly. I'm a Democrat so politically I love seeing Republicans destroy themselves but this almost too easy. This is suppose to be a Republican Year, at least as far as how it relates to the Senate but again thanks to the Tea Party. What use to be vulnerable Senate Democrats are now out raising their Tea Party opponents. And Senate Democrats probably won't run the table in defending all of their seats, they have 23 to defend. But they could get close and pick off a few Republican Seats that use to be safe as well.

A message for Republicans that I don't expect them to hear for nothing else but because I'm a Liberal Democrat. But if the goal is to gain power, then the first rule, is to do no harm, don't subtract from what you already have. To kill off your own members and the 2nd rule, when you are going after more power and you have to defeat Democrats to do that. Put Candidates that can actually win and get elected Statewide, stay away from the fringe. And nominate sane Candidates.