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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Democratic Representative Al Green Calls for "Radicalized Christian Hearings": Why Guilt by Association is Wrong and Unconstitutional

The House of Representatives has a Committee called the Homeland Security Committee, that basically oversees Federal Law Enforcment, as well as how the Federal Government. Responds to terrorism both home and abroad, the Homeland Securiy Committee is Chaired and Ranking by Representative Peter King, Republican from New York. And Representative Bennie Thompson Demcorat from Mississippie, yes there are still Democrats from Mississippi. The Majority and Minority Leaders of this committee and Chairman King about eighteen months ago, started hearings into what he sees as Radical Islamists in America. What Democratic Representative Al Green, as far as I know, no relation to the Rhythm and Blues singer Al Green, members of ths HS Committee did today, was to say if we are going to look into. What's called Radical Islam in America and what's seen as a threat to America, then we should also look into Radical Fudamentalist Christinaity. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazi's, people who are actually terrorists who blow things up, attack and murder people, because of their race. As well as Far Right Pro Life groups tha blow up Abortion Clinics and murder Abortion Doctors and militia's that preparing for a war with the Federal Government.

Me personally as a Liberal I have a big problem holding these investigations, I would think that House Homeland Security would have better things to do. Then look into what they see as Radical Islam and going after people because of who they associate with, if these people are criminals at all. This is soemthing that the DHS Department of Homeland Security Department and the FBI can handle, any Islamic Terrorists in the country. I also have a problem as a Liberal with the HHSC looking into Christian Terrorists goups as well, or going after Fundamentlaists because of their beliefs or who they hang out with. If these people are criminals or terrorists, again DHS and the FBI can handle this and if they are arrested, the DOJ Department of Justice will handle that as well. Just because you are an Islamist or a Racist, doesn't automatcially make you a terrorist, until you act on those beliefs.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic in the form of a Liberal Demcoracy, we the people have Constitutional Rights. That the Federal Government has to respect Constitutionally, they don't have a choice, like Free Spech and Freedom of Assembly, meaning we can't be arrested for what we believe and who we hang out with. Just how we carry ourselves and what we do when we break the law, which is why these investigations are wrong.