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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Marijuana Does NOT Cause Increased Drug Use!": The Weak Opposition to Marijuana Legalization

I'm about to lay out the case against legalizing marijuana, not that I agree with anything that I'm about to say. Stick with me for a minute if you can, imagine you are in a debate about Marijuana Legalization, you are the pro which is what I would be if I was in this debate. This is what the case would be against Marijuana Legalization, if the cons who are against Marijuana Legalization, this is the case. That they would make if they were debating honestly and here it is, so what I'm going to do is lay out the case against in one breath and then contradict myself in the next breath. I know that sounds crazy but imagine you are debating yourself and you are weighing the options of doing something from both sides. Where to live, what to do for dinner, by marijuana legally or go to jail for it, use any example you want. And thats what it will be like to hear the case against Marijuana Legalization, for someone such as myself and against, people who complain about Big Government but then who want to control what we can smoke and how we get high. But don't have a problem with alcohol, even though people get high off of that.

All right so here's the case against Marijuana Legalization and then I'll contradict myself. Marijuana leads to other drug use, where's the evidence, when people make this claim, I wonder if they are high themselves. It would bring competition to the Alcohol and Tobacco Industries, because it would probably be cheaper and do less damage to the body and people could smoke it longer. As long as they are responsible with it, well this is all true and just adds to the case that marijuana should be legal actually and not the case that cons make against Marijuana Legalization. Because wouldn't that be a great thing, if we have less people with Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver Cancer, Diabetes all of these conditions coming from alcohol or tobacco and in come cases from both. If you are a heavy smoker of tobacco and a heavy drinker, you are not looking to live a long time.

Here's why Marijuana Legalization wouldn't lead to other drug use and why we would even see drops in other drug use, like alcohol and tobacco. Because why get arrested for heroin and cocaine, if you are not addicted to them and haven't used them before, when you can buy and smoke marijuana legally. And not have to deal with hangovers from being drunk, the case for, a lot of it is about common sense and the other part as a Liberal for me has to do with Individual Liberty. But you can also make a practical case for it, which is why the support for Marijuana Legalization has grown.