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Friday, July 6, 2012

Colombia: "The Struggle to Kick the Cocaine Habit": The Costs of the Columbian War on Drugs

Columbia like Mexico but not nearly as large, 40M people in Columbia compared with 120M in Mexico. But a country with a lot of potential, that has a significant population in numbers, as well as educated. And a country that produces its own products and can sell them like coffee, as well as export them and has a large enough Middle Class, that can buy products from other countries. Which is one reason why America signed a Trade Deal with them last year, they have customers that want to and can buy our products and vice versa. But again like Mexico has significant issues with crime and the War on Drugs, as well as criminals that would like to take over and run these countries. Columbia is like the South American Capital of kidnapping, which makes foreigners, especially North Americans and Europeans, who have the money and would like to travel to Columbia. Think twice about vacationing there, fearing they may not get their kids back after losing them. Which ends up costing the Columbian Economy a lot of money, they don't do a very job of policing themselves. They are similar to Mexico in that regard and are going to have to overcome that, for their economy to ever really takeoff and for them to become a Developed Nation.

In the mid or late 1990s President Bill Clinton and his Administration reached an agreement with the Columbia Administration. Both countries having Federal Governments and Separation of Powers, called Planet Columbia, where we meaning American Tax Payers, would bankroll the Columbian Government's effort. To win the War on Drugs in Columbia, give them money, supplies, training, to help out a country thats known for corruption in their Military as well as Law Enforcement. Thinking that if we help them win their War on Drugs, through the Military and Law Enforcement, we could prevent Columbian Narcotics from making their way up to Florida and the rest of the United States. Well fifteen years later we, again meaning American Tax Payers, as well as Columbian Tax Payers, are still funding this war. Columbia still produces cocaine and other narcotics and they still sell them to Americans.

Today the Columbian Government announced that they are going to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and cocaine. Meaning that Columbians would no longer get arrested for possessing small amounts of these narcotics, something that America should be doing as well. Perhaps Columbia finally realizing that they can no longer afford to arrest people for what they do to themselves and is something that they are ahead of America on.