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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RT America: "GOP, Grand and Really Old Party?": How the GOP of Today is Dying Off

The New Republic my favorite Liberal magazine in business today, had an article about the GOP on Tuesday about. And where Mitt Romney and today's GOP Leadership is taking the party, that they are heading for landslide losses in 2014 and 2016, because how the country is changing and I would argue that the GOP. May be headed for a landslide loss in 2012 and why does the New Republic say that as well as myself and keep in mind TNR is a Liberal magazine and this is a Liberal blog, neither us apologize for that. But also keep in mind neither one of us hides from that and our political ideology but also keep in mind that we can both make a good case why we both believe that. Today's GOP thats based in the South and the Rural South, Democrats still compete in big Southern cities and still hold Governorships. In big Southern States like North Carolina but today's GOP is based for the most part in the Rural South and the rest of Rural America, thats not where most of the country lives. This is just example of why today's GOP is dying off, they live where most of the country doesn't and as we are getting younger and becoming more racially and ethnically diverse as a country. The GOP is becoming more Caucasian, more male and older as a party and they live where the most of the rest of the country doesn't.

Today's Voter ID Laws or as I call them Democratic Voter Prevention Laws and why do I say that. Because they are targeted at minorities, big city seniors and young voters, all people who tend to vote Democratic. People who also don't tend to walk around with a lot of ID on them, they are always on the go, perhaps do not drive, don't have landline phones, only use their cell phones. The Republican Party understands this and are already prepared for it and they also understand that as the country has moved left on Social Issues, the GOP has moved right across the board. They have moved away from Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism on Social Issues and Foreign Policy and have adopted Neoconservative Authoritarian Social Policies, including these bogus Voter ID laws. And have decided that they can't win with the voters who don't tend to vote Republican so they have to block them in order to win.

Going forward the Republican Party has a choice in where they can go in order to remain a major party in American Politics. Moderate on Social Issues, which means in this case go back to being a Classical Conservative Party on Social Issues, bring in the Ron Paul supporters. Or they can keep doing what they are doing, kissing off everyone thats not a Republican today and telling them they aren't welcome. And hope they can deny enough people from voting in order to win and prey those laws don't get thrown out as Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. But today's GOP is only going to get smaller.

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These are real Conservative Republicans trying to move its party away from its Neoconservative Politics