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Friday, September 21, 2012

CBS News: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan Booed at AARP Conference

Not the right audience for Representative Ryan to put it mildly

Current TV: The Young Turks: Is President Obama Making Big Changes: Why Progressives Aren't Happy

If Barack Obama was the Progressive/Socialist that Progressives wanted and were expecting when he first. Ran for President in 2007/08, then he would've moved to eliminate all of the Bush Tax Cuts, to use for more Federal Government Discretionary Spending, that is non National Security Spending. Mostly on current Social Insurance Programs or creating new ones, even though then Senator Obama, only said he would eliminate the Tax Cuts for like the top 10% of the economy. Even though Senator Obama said he would keep in place most of the Tax Cuts, especially for the Middle Class and cut taxes further for them. Thats just on taxes, if Barack Obama was the Socialist that Progressives were expecting, then he would've had a 1.5-2T$. Stimulus Package, that had in it nothing but new Federal Spending on new and current programs, with no Tax Relief in it, if anything taxes would've gone up on everyone, even during the "Great Recession". Even though Barack Obama from the beginning ran on cutting taxes for the Middle Class, so I'm not sure what the Far Left was expecting, if Barack Obama was the Socialist. That Progressives were expecting, he would've nationalize big banks, instead of regulating them and he would've nationalize General Motors and Chrysler Motors, making them Public Utilities.

Even though Barack Obama never said he wasn't going to do any on these things and if Barack Obama was the Socialist that Progressives were expecting. He would've eliminated the Health Insurance Industry and forced the entire country onto Medicare. Even though Barack Obama supported the Public Option not Single Payer from day one. That was the agenda that Progressives were expecting from President Obama, the problem is that they. Never found a candidate to give them that agenda, at least a candidate who could actually get elected President of the United States, think about it, this is America not Canada or Sweden. Americans aren't as far to the left as Canadians and Swedes especially on Economic Policy generally and the candidate that would've worked to pass this agenda, can no longer get elected. In his own House District, let alone President of the United States, Representative Dennis Kucinich, my whole point is that you have to manage expectations.

When you don't manage expectations you are always. Going to be disappointed, when you throw all of your support around someone who you are expecting to give you everything, even though he wouldn't go as nearly as far as you want them to on any of these issues. You are going to be let down and its going to be your fault. Progressives didn't do their homework, what Barack Obama did five years ago was very skillful, he used. Rhetoric that Progressives typically use, without taking their positions on the issues, he used their language without accepting their policies. So he could appeal to them but also be able to appeal to the broader Democratic Party, as well as Independents, which is how he. Got elected President of the United States and won all of those States, that recent Democrats haven't.

There has already been books written about the 2008 Obama Campaign as well as documentaries about it. But I would love to see a book and documentary about Barack's appeal to Progressives, how he was able to get them to believe he was the next George McGovern or an electable Ralph Nader. Without actually taking any of those positions and being more of Liberal New Democrat instead, like Jack Kennedy or Bill Clinton, someone who understands there's a limit of good that government can do for its people with their money.

CBPP: Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?

Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go? — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Someone once asked a famous bank robber why you do rob banks and the bank robber replied, because thats where the money is. If someone were to ask why do we have to make saving in entitlements and defense and the Tax Code, to get the debt and deficit under control, same answer to the first question. Because thats where the money is and anyone on the right or left who disagrees, doesn't understand this issue, doesn't take it seriously. Or is not a strong enough Leader to take on the Special Interests that would be affected by these savings.

Politico: Jonathan Allen: Chairman Paul Ryan & Minority Whip Steny Hoyer Talk Fiscal Cliff on House Floor

Paul Ryan, Steny Hoyer talk fiscal cliff on House floor - Jonathan Allen -

I'll bet you anything that Paul Ryan has voted for more debt since being in the House, then Steny Hoyer has. Since 1999 when Paul Ryan came to Congress.

Salon: Rick Perry: "Church and state is Satan’s fault"

Rick Perry: Church and state is Satan’s fault

Just when I was starting to like Rick Perry, he apparently says something crazy like this

AlterNet: Why the GOP May Lose the Caucasian Working Class

Beyond God and Guns: Why the GOP May Lose the White Working Class | Alternet

Blue Collar Caucasians have to pay the bills as well and when they are struggling, like now and the GOP isn't offering a message thats appealing to them. And its all about how to give their employers more Tax Breaks, including incentives to ship jobs oversees, these voters look somewhere else. Thats how Barack Obama won Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida in 2008 and why he'll probably win those State. Again in 2012.