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Thursday, November 22, 2012

AlterNet: Robert Jenson: "No Thanks for Thanksgiving": A Happy Persons Guide To Feeling Miserable

No Thanks for Thanksgiving | Alternet

For any of you out there who are worried about being too happy, there must be something wrong with me because I'm feeling so good. And you are looking for a way to feel miserable and perhaps fall into depression, by the way if you are one of these people. My advice is seek professional help about feeling too good but if you are one of these people, read the AlterNet and that will take care of this supposed. Problem right away for you, thats if you don't know what they are about and in the business to do, they seem. To have this idea that if others are being positive, then there must be something in the World thats negative and must be reported on. And represent why Progressives are seen as doom and gloomers who aren't capable of acknowledging when there's actual good news in the World. And are a skunk at a wedding party that no one wants to see, the one thing that can ruin a great day.