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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Salon: Alex Halperin: No Soda For Food Stamps?: One Way to Cut Healthcare Costs, Stop Subsidizing Junk Food and Drink

No soda for food stamps?

If you look at why our healthcare system is too expensive, it basically gets down to individual responsibility. And the lack of it, we simply don't do a very good job of taking care of ourselves as a country, we overeat. And we don't eat very well and we don't exercise properly or enough and we all know people and people well. Who fit into at least one of these categories if not all of them and we. Also know people who fit into one of the categories who've died from not taking care of themselves and. Government subsidizing these bad behaviors only makes the problem worse which is why Food Assistance in this country. Thats funded by tax payers shouldn't be subsidizing junk food even if it goes to pay for the peoples food who. Otherwise couldn't afford to eat and what we could do for them is subsidize healthy food for them instead. Even if it is more expensive which we would cover those costs in the short and long term with less unhealthy people. In this country which would bring down our healthcare costs.