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Saturday, January 12, 2013

AlterNet: War on Poverty: Evelyn Nieves: What America's Most Vulnerable Need: A Bill of Rights for the Homeless

What America's Most Vulnerable Need: A Bill of Rights for the Homeless | Alternet

If I was a wealthy man and I was only allowed to donate money to support one cause whatever the cause is. I would cheat and pick two, one set up a foundation to raise money to combat homelessness in America. But it wouldn't be in a traditional sense where I would support homeless shelters that give people on the street a meal and a cot. And then send them on their way the next day without the resources to start a life for themselves but I would go much further. Not homeless shelters but what I would call housing centers where yes they would get a meal and a temporary place to stay. But I wouldn't send them on their way, I would go further and empower these people to either rebuild their lives. Or start their lives period by providing them with whatever healthcare they need, to go along with long term housing. Through section eight, as well as job placement and even job training if they need it so they can get themselves a good job. Private donations would be needed to set up a private non profit like this and for it to startup and in the future as well. So it could be as effective as possible but an organization like this could also be financed through the current public assistance system.

You want to combat homelessness in America, then we have to find long term housing for the homeless and put these people to work. So they can afford their own place to live through either renting or mortgage if they really get their lives together. We don't accomplish this by giving people a place to stay for one night and a meal and then sending them back on the street. To live with no help of getting their lives on track and something like housing centers would accomplish this.
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