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Thursday, January 17, 2013

AlterNet: War on Poverty: RoseAnn Demoro: A Program For Combating Poverty: Empower People In Poverty To Move Up

A Program for Combating Poverty -- Stop the Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Expand Medicare to All | Alternet

There is a discussion by commentator and talk show host Tavis Smil
ey that was broadcasted by C-Span tonight. For anyone to see who has C-Span and whose not too busy watching 'reality TV' that was focused on poverty in America. And talking about solutions to how we end poverty in America. Tavis Smilley is a known Progressive and so was most of the panel. People like Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Jonathan Kozol and others but there was at least one right winger in this panel in Newt Gingrich. And it was an interesting discussion because you had at least one Progressive actually admitting that education. Is a key to moving people out of poverty that lack of a quality education is a cause for poverty in America, Progressives don't tend to say that. They like to blame poverty on things like corporations, racism and so fourth, cuts to public assistance and rarely. Acknowledge that education has anything to do with it, except when public education is cut in America so for at least this reason. The program was worth watching tonight to go along with the subject matter.

I've always believed that one of the things thats wrong with the poverty debate in America, that its not divided along political camps. Or even ideological camps and that alone is not the problem but that the fact that its divided between people. Who want to solve the problem, cut back on poverty at least to the point that we are more competitive with our foreign competitors. Instead of having a poverty level twice as high as the rest of the developed World approaching 20% nationally. And a camp not interested in solving the problem but people who want more government spending on poverty in this country. Who know that the more people we have in poverty, the more money from government that would go to. People who live in poverty or the higher our poverty level is, the easier time they would have to argue for more. Public assistance and the interesting thing is that the anti poverty supporters people who want to solve the problem. Are made up people who are generally not on the same team, Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives.

The reason why I say this is not to put people down and the make other side look like Saints. But to make the point that we already know what the causes of poverty in America are and what the typical. Person in poverty is and what their background is and what it takes to move a typical person out of poverty. Which is temporary financial assistance so they can survive in the short term. Education so they can get themselves the skills that they need to get a good job and become self sufficient. Job training for workers who are working but low skill and low income, so they can get themselves a better job and. Become self sufficient perhaps even with the current company they work for and then job placement. Help finding a good job so they can move off of public assistance and become self sufficient. Thats the blue print for moving people out of poverty in America its not Democratic or Republican, Liberal or. Conservative its what works and basic common sense and yet we don't do these things or have stopped doing them. Because of our broken politics being too divided politically as a country.

There's a consensus of what it takes to move people out of poverty in America and with you want me to sound political or ideological. I would say that one thing Liberalism is about is the people, protecting freedom for people who have it. And expanding it for those who don't have it but need it and deserve it and poverty in America is the perfect place. To use Liberalism to fight poverty expanding freedom for people who don't have it but need and deserve it.
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