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Friday, January 11, 2013

American Prospect: Foreign Affairs: Ending the Mindset that Got Us Into Iraq: New Liberal Democratic Foreign Policy

Ending the Mindset that Got Us into Iraq

President Obama's appointment of former US Senator Chuck Hagel and current Atlantic Council Chairman to. Be his next Secretary of Defense is the final deathblow to the George W. Bush's Neoconservative foreign policy because no longer. We'll be a country that will lead only by defense and no longer will we be a country that will try to govern the World. Or secure the Democratic World on our own because we now have a national security team led by President Obama. To go along with Vice President Biden, soon to be Secretary of State John Kerry, soon to be Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Soon to be Executive Director of Intelligence John Brennan who doesn't believe in defense only that. You have to use all of your assets at your disposal to make sure America is as secure as possible and our allies can secure themselves. That you can't impose Liberal Democracy on countries that aren't ready for it and don't want it that diplomacy. As well as economic and allied power all have to be part of the same package thats responsible for securing. The United States.

I could give you a whole host of reasons why President Bush's Neoconservative foreign policy didn't work. But it gets to mainly weakening the country as he was trying to secure it, both militarily by overcommitting the US military. Which is what happens when you have a foreign policy that relies so much on defense and doesn't utilize your other assets. But also weakened us economically at a time when China, Russia, Brazil and India are all on the rise and when both. Europe and America were losing influence in the World, as the new powers are becoming powerful, America was becoming. Weaker with the annual debt and deficits we were piling up that we still have to deal with today and owing so. Much money to other countries so we could do the job of other countries in securing those countries. Senator Hagel knows this was a mistake and new at the time when he was in the Senate and even spoke up about it. As early as 2004-05.

In this new era of Liberal Democratic foreign policy, we will no longer try to govern the World. We will no longer try to defend developed nations around the World, we'll no longer borrow money from other. Countries so we can pay them to be able to defend them, we'll have a national defense that we can afford. That we'll pay for without borrowing that can more then meet the national security needs of this great huge country. And we'll no longer invade countries because we don't like their governments and will only take military action. To defend ourselves and to protect innocent people who are simply fighting for their freedom in areas where we can make a positive difference.
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