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Monday, January 21, 2013

RTAmerica: Video: Barack Obama's Presidency: "Martin Luther King III: We Are Losing Our Liberties": How To Expand Individual Freedom To All Americans

When it comes to individual freedom with Barack Obama's Presidency, the main issues I have with him as far as where he's come up short. Are in the areas of the War on Terror, like the Patriot Act as it relates to the Fourth Amendment. Indefinite Detention which on its face looks Unconstitutional and the War on Drugs where if anything President Obama has expanded it. As it relates to marijuana and the marijuana raids, so my issues as it relates to individual freedom. Have to do with civil liberties but if you listen to what Martin L. King the III had to say in this video but how to. Reduce poverty in America and expand freedom to all Americans as it relates to education. Job training for low skilled workers and entrepreneurship so all Americans can have the freedom. To take care of themselves, thats where President Obama is politically and a lot of what his. Message is as it relates to economics, along with things like infrastructure investment and creating a. National energy policy that gets us off of foreign oil by investing in American natural resources with. A whole menu of natural resources that we have in this country.

As much as right wingers like to label Barack Obama as some big tax and spend Progressive-Socialist. That wants to grow the Federal Government indefinitely and transform America into Europe or something. He's simply not and when it comes to economics he's a classical Liberal-Democrat someone who believes. In economic freedom but that it should be for all Americans and not the special few and as much as some right wingers. Don't like President Obama because they believe he's a Socialist, Progressive-Democrats don't like the President. Because he's not a Socialist, the President is in a no win situation with the fringes in this country. And should stop trying to win them over.
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