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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Nation: Individual Freedom: Katha Pollitt: The Message and The Meaning: Is 'Pro-Choice' Passé?: The Meaning of Pro Choice in America

The Message and the Meaning: Is 'Pro-choice' Passé? | The Nation

Yes I'm pro-choice on abortion for the simple fact that I don't want government telling us men or women what we can do with our own bodies. Government does have the right and responsibility to tell us what we can do with other peoples bodies. A difference between freedom and anarchy, the right to live your own life as long as you aren't hurting innocent people. But the problem I have with the term is that it tends to only be about reproductive rights and when someone says. They are pro -choice on marijuana, gambling, prostitution, pornography, healthcare and health insurance, healthcare broadly, speech. How we spend our money broadly again as long as we aren't spending money to hurt those people. Pro-choice supporters look nuts or something, why they are just pro-choice they don't believe in forcing people to. Do these other activities but that it should be their call. And then we can talk about regulating these activities to make them as safe as possible and so they don't avoid taxes.

Roe v Wade I believe was settled correctly even though the decision happened two years before I was born. But why was it settled correctly, not because the Justices who ruled in favor of Roe v Wade were in love with abortion. It was settled on privacy grounds that it was the decision of the individual, in this case women of whether or not. To see their baby through full term and not the decision of government and my argument about the right to privacy. Since it was upheld with Roe v Wade on privacy grounds that if women has the right to make their own healthcare decisions. Shouldn't men as well and shouldn't American adults have the right to make their own decisions again. As long as they aren't deciding to hurt people and then again if you want to make a good government best interest of the public argument. We can talk about what the rules of the road should be as they relate to other activities including abortion. To make sure that its as safe as possible.

A better way to describe my position when it comes to abortion is not pro-choice but that I support freedom of choice. The right for one to able to chart their own course in life as long as they aren't invading the freedom of innocent people. To live their own lives because supporters of abortion tend to look Liberal or Libertarian when it comes to abortion. But look Statist on other issues and argue against freedom and privacy on those issues for the benefit of those people. And thats not where I am but instead I support freedom of choice.
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