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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Nation: Staff: White House: What Executive Actions Should President Obama Hand Down?

What Executive Actions Should Obama Hand Down? | The Nation

Executive orders do have their place when it comes to the Presidency but presidents have to be careful with them. Because Congress still has the authority and responsibility to write laws and its up to the President to decide if. Those bills become law or not as well as being able to propose new laws himself but executive orders shouldn't. Be used as a substitute to make new law, we still have checks and balances and separation of powers and are still. A Constitutional Republic in the form or a Liberal Democracy but where executive orders can come in. Is to be used by the President to direct his own administration and seek new advice without appointing someone. To run some executive agency or create a new one, like Presidential commissions that sort of thing. Where the President doesn't need Congress's approval to put new commissions together or be able to respond. On his own to crisis's around the World with the War Powers Act and crisis's at home like with disasters but. Executive orders aren't a substitute to write new law, like pass the Federal budget or tax policies that haven't been passed by Congress.
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