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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Real News: Video: Economy: "Breaking Up The Big Banks is Not a Solution"

Once again there's a problem with the banking system, what is the Socialist solution. Not break up big banks but nationalize them, take the power from the corporations and give it to the. Government and the people are still left without the power because now instead of being under corporations, we are under government. State ownership Socialism as an economic policy does not work and you may be able to point to a few own state owned corporations that are run well. Or state run public services and that sort of thing but nationalizing and entire industry or all. Industries does not work and there's a hundred years of experience to show this and countries that have. Broken up because their state owned economies collapse. What we need to do instead is have more competition but real competition, now a few companies that control most of the power. And money but lots of smaller companies including community banks all competing with each other to. Deliver the best service for the people.
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