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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Young Turks: Video: NYC Soda Ban: Kills Minority Businesses?: Why The Soda Ban is Anti-Freedom and Small Business

If you are going to ban soda and pop in general because its bad for people, then we should do this across the board. Because we as a society have decided that we don't want to live in a perfectly safe world without risk involved. That we live in a Liberal Democracy that comes with a lot of personal freedom including the freedom. To drink soda and eat junk food but also smoke tobacco or get drunk because we as a country have a large market. If not the biggest market in the World as far as size and the number of people who can afford these products. Is soda bad for you, of course it is but you can go down the line and single out products that are not only bad for people. But in some cases even worse and singling out just one and letting all the other business's off. The hook that produce unhealthy products is not only anti freedom because you are again preventing people from being. Able to make this choice for them self as far as what they put into their body but its also anti competition. Because you are leaving other business's and industries that produce unhealthy products off the hook.

We do have healthcare problems in this country and a lot of them have to do with the fact that we don't take care of ourselves very well as a country. And we pass down a lot of our healthcare costs to other people because we can't afford our own healthcare bills. So others end up being left with the tab we created and this problem has to be addressed. But prohibition and limiting freedom of choice in this country is not the way we do it. What we should be doing instead is having the people who choose to live unhealthy be forced to cover their own healthcare costs. Up front though things like taxation, having a tax for junk food and drink but also cover. Alcohol and tobacco as well and these people pay the price financially for living unhealthy. And giving that money to hospitals and doctors who get stuck providing uncompensated care.
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