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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TruthDig: Economy: Jeff Madrick: The Anti-Economist: "Misleading American History": What Makes American Capitalism Works

The Anti-Economist: Misleading American History - Truthdig

Imagine how successful an adult would be in life if they were low or Unskilled. Were not an athlete or an entertainer, didn't have a trust fund they could live off of or parents who could afford to take care of them. Didn't finish high or barely finished high school.

Imagine a country where we couldn't get around. Or could barely get around, unless we owned a boat or a helicopter or jet, imagine that in a country thats. Three thousand miles wide and about three thousand miles along which is what the East Coast of the United States is. An imagine and economy where the tax system would punish people for being successful and independent. Encourage people to be dependent and also encourages employers to be unsuccessful and send jobs oversees. And rewards companies for when they fail for being irresponsible. Now imagine and economy where we encourage foreign countries and companies to give us their energy and we pay them to. And we punish American companies when they produce energy in this country. Now the last one I promise, imagine an economy were students are forced to go to school based on where they live. Rather then what's the best school for them and where educators are paid based on how long they've been. Teaching instead of how good of a job they do teaching and schools are funded based on where they are located instead of what they need.

The economy I just imagined there is actually real and its located in the United States. Except for the infrastructure system, where by in large Americans are able to get around. But we behind our competitors including merging superpowers like China and Brazil. But the rest is completely true, you could have the best and most effective and generous public assistance system in the World. Without an infrastructure or education or energy system or tax system that promotes economic and jobs growth. As well as success, you are going to be a poor country if not third world country. Because you are not going to be able to create the jobs needed and even if you did, you won't have enough skilled workers to do. Those jobs, something that I'm afraid Progressive/Social Democrats who put so much faith in the state and centralize planning. Don't understand that there's a limit government can do for its people with our money. That the rest has to be done by the people with the resources to make it happen for us.

The economy I want for America is the opposite that I laid out in the second paragraph. A true Liberal economic system based on education, work, independence, infrastructure, energy. And a tax system that promotes all of those things and thats simply not what we have in this country. Which is why we are losing ground to the emerging economic powers when we simply don't have to. Because we are Americans surrounded by resources to do much better.
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