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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AlterNet: Opinion: Glenn Greenwald: "How Can Anyone Still Believe That America Is the Greatest Country on Earth?": Why America is Worth Defending and Celebrating

Glenn Greenwald: How Can Anyone Still Believe That America Is the Greatest Country on Earth? | Alternet 

Actually I'm not sure if I'm going to put this blog on satiric form or not or make it a serious but hopefully enlightening informative intelligent piece. And yes those blogs actually exist and not just written by me. I guess I'll just throw a bunch of thoughts together and see how it ends up, sorta how I make soup for anyone familiar with my cooking if you want to call that cooking. But first point if America is somehow this regressive, nationalistic, racist and otherwise bigoted country. Except for of course towards the majority of the country where bigotry is okay with the New-Left in America. Where we are all slaves to the man whoever that guy is and slaves to Capitalism and so fourth. Why the hell does 320M people live here when we all for the most part have the freedom to live in another country. If Canada is so much better then America, why do we have ten times as many people as they do. Why is our economy ten times as big, why do they rely on us for their defense as part of NATO instead of the. Other way around like the rest of Europe does all countries that are developed countries.

Why do Canadians and Europeans still immigrate to America instead of the other way around. Why do millions of Americans from as far away as Korea immigrate to America when they could go to Europe or Australia or. Canada and so fourth, why don't these so called Progressives immigrate from. America to Europe or Canada and live in what they see as Progressive and human countries that America. Apparently isn't, why live in a country that you think is a terrorist state when you don't have to. Feel free to answer any of those questions and send me your answers. Because as much as Progressive like say how bad America is, they've benefited from everything good that America has to offer. Including for the opportunity for people who start from basically nothing to make a good life for themselves.

There is no other country in the World where Africans, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Jews, Europeans at least not a country as large as the. United States where the living standards as are high as they are in America but thats not what you hear from Progressives who don't like America. Because we aren't as Socialist and as dovish as they are, so somehow this makes us bad. Or selfish that we don't care about other people and so fourth. Thats the current language of what I call the New-Left in America.  I'm not saying America is perfect is you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I don't believe it is. But we still represent the best shot for freedom and opportunity and tolerance better then any other country in the. World with a population as diverse and large as ours and thats what separates us from the rest of the World.

America is not the greatest country in the World because we can blow it up. We are not the greatest country in the World, because we have more money then anyone else. We are not the greatest country in the World because we can run up sixteen trillion dollars in debt and not collapse. And reasons like that but what makes us the greatest country in the World and separates us from the pact. Is what we have to offer and what we stand for which is freedom, opportunity and tolerance. Things we don't do as well as we could and should but still do better then anyone else at least for a country this large and diverse. And why so many people immigrate to America every year to have their share of it.
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