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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

People for Polity: Article Review 2: Compensating Our Military Veterans

People for Polity: Article Review 2: Link: Substance abuse and posttraumatic stress disorders: Symptom interplay and effects on outcome Summary The above study exami...

More evidence for the need for better healthcare for our veterans in this country. And perhaps more choice in how they receive their healthcare including mental healthcare and diagnosing these problems early. Before they end up becoming crisis for them, their families and the people around them. Especially innocent people they just happened to be around like at a supermarket or something. I believe, actually know that the defense budget has to be on the table when it comes to deficit reduction. Because we are simply overcommitted around the World and have borrowed way too much money to meet those. Operations around the World but if anything we've under committed the resources that we need to see that our veterans. Get the benefits they deserve and have worked for and have to take a look at our veterans beneficiary system and how we compensate those people. And leave them out of the discussion when it comes to the defense budget and deficit reduction.
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