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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roosevelt Institute: Bo Cutter: A Forecast For The 2013 State of The Union Speech

A Forecast for the 2013 State of the Union Speech

Representative Chris Van Hollen is my Representative in the US House and is also the Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. In English that means the lead member of the minority of that party, perhaps not plain English but if you have any idea how Congress works, that should be enough. And Rep. Van Hollen is also one of the up incoming stars in the Democratic Party and not just in Congress. I believe he has a future statewide or nationally past the House if ever decides to do that but we'll see. Rep. Van Hollen gave a speech today along with Republican Representative Tom Price the Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee. Today at the National Press Club in Washington about the economy and the debt and deficit. Rep. Van Hollen gave a speech saying for America to create what he called an. Opportunity economy, opportunity great word for Liberals as I pointed out last week, paraphrasing Van Hollen. There are certain things that the Federal Government has to do. That the private sector doesn't want to do or can't do in order for the economy to succeed to create this opportunity economy. Which I'm about to layout.

The term I use is opportunity society but the goals of an opportunity economy which if I had to guess. Was a term that was developed by the House Democratic Leadership as their confidence is up now after. Picking up eight seats in the 2012 elections and will be a factor in the 113th Congress even though they are still the House Minority. But with a divided House Republican Caucus thats just lost seats after expecting to pick up more to go along with a Republican Senate and a President Mitt Romney. House Democrats think they have a real shot at taking back the House in 2014 and are now putting an agenda. And a strategy to accomplish that and I'm guessing opportunity economy is part of that but wherever the term came from. Its an important term and something Democrats need to focus on as we've moved away from being a Social-Democratic Big Government party from the 1960s and 70s. But want to be a factor and not concede to the Reagan Revolution from the Republican Party.

So what is an opportunity economy, an economy thats built around opportunity for as many Americans as possible to be successful in life. Not an economy thats just tilted to the top or creating a superstate designed to take care of everyone. And protect people from the freedom to make decisions but an opportunity economy where as many people as possible would be responsible for living their own lives. So how do we create such an economy like that and where does governments role come into see that such an economy can come about. And that gets to things like a sound and modern public infrastructure system, which we currently don't have. A sound and modern public education system that we currently don't have, a national energy policy. That promotes and invests in American natural resources and allows for the private sector to be able to develop them for the country. Which we currently don't have and a tax system that promotes success and independence, to go along with economic and job growth that we. Currently don't have.

What the United States still does very well and probably an area where we still lead the World is in research and development. Which is something we need to continue to subsidize no matter what comes from tax reform. But an opportunity economy would be an economy where as many Americans would have a good opportunity to be successful and independent in life. Based on what they do with it and something that House Democrats as well as President Obama should be pushing for.
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