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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Salon: Crime and Punishment: Natasha Lennard: Bureau of Prisons Agrees to Solitary Confinement Review: How to Deal With Violent Offenders

Bureau of prisons agrees to solitary confinement review

I've been blogging lately about the need for looking at how we fund mental healthcare in America. Meaning that we have to do it, we really don't have a choice and thats going to take money. Money that we can afford to spend and need to to prevent future gun violence in America. And to prevent future attacks and suicides in our prison system which is exactly that right now a prison system. Which is different then a correctional system, I mean just think about that. What does correctional mean, it come from correct or vice versa but if you have a correctional system. The idea is that you are setting up a system to correct things and when you are talking about prisons as part of a correctional system. And the idea of sending offenders there, you are talking about correcting people. Correcting bad behavior, criminal behavior people who have done harm on society either intentionally or just by being. Irresponsible but for the most part and there are are exceptions like in Texas and Louisiana, two states not exactly known for being. Progressive that do have correctional systems and try to correct the bad behaviors of their prison inmates.

For the most part in the United States we have a prison system. The worst you behave in prison, the worst you are treated to the point where its at least borderline inhumane. Basically no contact with the outside world, even family or even with other inmates where the only people you see. If you are in extreme isolation, are guards, maybe the warden who may check on you or a captain. No sunlight, food if you want to call it that, that dogs might have a hard time eating and would avoid. You are in a bare cell basically all day with nothing to do but to look at walls and perhaps hope that someone comes by. To check on you or even tell you the time of day or what the day is and so fourth. Instead of having a system where inmates that have serious mental or behavioral problems, get the treatment. That they need like in a hospital to prevent them from making horrible decisions that land them in isolation in the first place.

No one responsible in this debate is saying that prison should be a pleasant place where people would want. To live but it has to be humane and serve as a vehicle for people who have to be there to be able to make. Productive lives for themselves so they are no longer threats to society or other inmates. And isolation cells would be a place to start for inmates who need to be isolated until their behavior. Improves to the point where they don't want to attack people and get in fights because now they can control. Their anger and these cell blocks could serve as rehab centers for inmates who have temper and behavioral. Problems and get the inmates who need it into to mental hospitals or wards instead.
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