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Thursday, February 21, 2013

See Progress: Video: Heather Boushey: Middle Out Economics 101: How to Create and Economy That Works For Everyone

I agree with the first minute of the video as far as what it takes to have a strong economy. Where the most people possible would have access to economic freedom in this country. With fewer poor people, more middle class and wealthy people. As far as human capital a system where all Americans have access to a quality education going through higher education. And then being able to continue to educate themselves as adults as well. That we need a strong public infrastructure system. Roads, bridges, airports, schools and so fourth. We also need demand companies need customers to sell their products to and customers who have the money to buy. Their products but how is demand created, customers with money to spend in need of products and then a market and competition. Thats producing those products and to lower the trade deficit in this country. We simply need American companies producing products that Americans want to buy and prefer over the. European and Asian competition as well as other places. Then you need a regulatory system thats understandable by the regulators and companies but is smart and does a. Good job and doesn't try to run companies and doesn't allow companies to get away with unfair trade practices.

The only two things I would add to that is we need a public assistance system as well as tax system. That encourages work, independence and success over dependence because no matter how high a quality of an economy we eventually built. As well as an education system we are simply going to have people who make bad choices in life. Have kids before they are ready, walkout on their kids, not finish school and not have enough skill that will allow for them to be. Successful in life so similar to the last blog I wrote we need a safety net that catches people like this. Pun intended but helps them get themselves backup with access to education and job training so they can go to work and have a good job. And be able to work themselves off of public assistance which are all things we can do in this country because we have the resources. To create such an economy.

The only thing I would add to that is you need the Federal Government to get out of the way and to allow for economic and job growth to happen. With a strong fiscal policy that eliminates borrow and spending, passes down power from the Feds to states and local whenever that makes. Sense like as it relates to public assistance and education. And only does the things that we need it to do which I laid out in the second paragraph.
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