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Friday, March 1, 2013

AlterNet: Opinion: Robert Parry: The Neo-Confederate Supreme Court Gearing Up to Restore Confederate Rule Over America

The Neo-Confederate Supreme Court Gearing Up to Restore White Rule Over America | Alternet

I love the term Neo-Confederate, just wish I came up with that myself and I'll explain why. I've been using the term Confederate to describe Republicans who are basically stuck in the 1950s and perhaps. Even as far back as the 1920s, hell lets go back to the 19 teens I guess would be the way to put that when women couldn't vote in America. The term religious-right gets thrown around a lot, I tossed that ball around, pun intended myself a lot. And religious-right is used to describe not political Conservatives but religious-Conservatives and if you understand Conservatism. Which some of my friends on Facebook but not enough of them do. You know that religious Conservatism and political Conservatism are two different things. The only things in common that Rev. Pat Robertson and Sen. Barry Goldwater had, was that they both were Republicans and admired Ronald Reagan. So these are two different apples but religious-right gets tossed around to describe Republicans generally. Who are suppose to be very Conservative on social issues but they aren't because they don't see social freedom in a lot of cases as worth conserving.

Conservatism is suppose to be about, conserving freedom not subtracting from it. Which is what these so called religious Conservatives seem to be interested in doing, which is why I call them. Christian-Theocrats because their political philosophy is based on their vision of the Bible. Not based on the United States Constitution or Conscience of a Conservative from Barry Goldwater. But religious-right doesn't go far enough to describe people in this country who wish it was still 1918 or 1953 or something. People who are still stuck in the old world of what they believe America is suppose to be and what they see it as. A place where Americans today who don't tend to vote Republican in a lot of cases because of the influence. That Christian-Theocrats have on the Republican Party, who otherwise in a lot of cases would probably vote. Republican which is why this faction of the country is so harmful to the GOP, because they are simply costing them votes and power.

So there needs to be a new term to describe the far-right in America, I would even go as far as saying anti-democratic right. People who believe that America should be preserved for just Americans who look at the world and country the way they do and only see America the way they see it. Women suppose to be at home not working, racial as well as ethnic and religious minorities not prevalent and if anything. Serve the will of Caucasian-Americans, Homosexuals still locked in the closet with no one seeming to be able to find the key and so fourth. Well lets see we did have a Civil War in America 150 years ago between Federalists, the winners of that war. And of course Confederates who not only lost that war but for the most part have been losing ever since. If you look at the shape of the economies and societies in the former Confederate States and compare them with the Unionists.

Confederate has been used and those people are dead to state the obvious but they still have off spring who were born after them. And generations of them have followed and so fourth keeping these families alive with the same political views and so fourth. So perhaps Neo-Confederate would be the best way to describe people who haven't figured out that they lost the Civil War and have been losing ever since. In their quest to deny freedom and the same Constitutional Rights to the rest of the country that they. Currently share and haven't figured out that America has changed a lot since the 1950s. And that scares the hell out of them.
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