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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Politzane: Video: "Wealth Inequality in America": How Liberals and Social-Democrats Differ When it Comes to Income Distribution

I wrote a blog about so called income inequality last night and basically laid out what I believe about that and why I don't even believe in the term. This post is sorta about so called income inequality so I'll try to write it in a way that doesn't sound exactly how it did last. Night so you don't think you are watching some rerun of a cable TV show you saw a couple hours ago. And blog about income distribution which goes to the same thing but its a little and about what. Americans are entitled to make in this country and how Liberals and Progressives or Social-Democrats differ on these issues.

Social-Democrats and again if you disagree with this especially if you are Social-Democrat. You are free to write me a reply on this blog and I'll be happy to post it for you. But Social-Democrats, Progressives or Democratic-Socailists however you want to define the. Progressive-Left in America, believe in high taxation across the board for several reasons and they are. All for good reasons meant to do good for for the country. I just disagree with it but one of the reasons why they believe in high taxation, is so government can collect all of this. Revenue and then invest it in the country so one has to go without enough or have what they would call too much. That essentially the Federal Government collects all of the resources of the country and puts them. In a huge pot and then gives those resources back to the people based on what they believe the people need to live a good life. Which is sorta the old Swedish-Socialist model but even Sweden has been moving away from that with more Conservatives or. Liberals even coming to power there.

What Liberals such as myself believe in is that all Americans should have a good opportunity to be successful in life. And what we do with these opportunities is up to us and then be able to enjoy the benefits of our success. But that Americans don't have a Constitutional right to be successful and live a good life. That life is basically what people make of it and what they do with the opportunities in front of them. And that if we had a real Liberal economic policy in. This country more Americans would have access to a good education. And fewer Americans wouldn't live off of public assistance and more Americans would move off of public assistance faster. And that no American would be trapped in a failing school because we or our parents would be able to make these decisions for ourself. And not government doing that for us and thats a big difference between Liberals and Social-Democrats when it comes to economic policy.

Liberals believe for people to be successful in life, they simply need the incentive to do so. Thats a big part of human nature at least in America and that means government not taxing most or a lot of our income from us. And we being able to make a lot of our own decisions for ourself. Which is different from Social-Democrats who believe there should be no such thing as rich or poor or in between. That all Americans should be the same and that government needs to collect a lot of the resources in the country to see that is what happens.
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