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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Atlantic: Education: Jordan Weissman: "How Washington Could Make College Tuition Free Without Spending a Penny More"

How Washington Could Make College Tuition Free (Without Spending a Penny More on Education) - The Atlantic

If I could pass my very own deficit reduction plan and Federal government reform plan and if you read this blog on a regular basis. You know I've already put those plans on the table, there would be two areas where I would spend more money on. And I would spend a hell of a lot more money in these two areas. It would public education K-12 but not just to spend that money. But spend that money on the reforms that I would put in place, as well as higher education to guarantee that all Americans would. Have access to a good public education K-12 and that all qualified high school graduates would be guaranteed access to a public higher education.

The American economy and I would imagine any other large economy in a developed country. Is dependent on education, you can't have a strong economy without a strong educated workforce. I hate to break it to America but we are finding out right now and we have simply too many schools producing. Too many students and even graduates not ready for college and we also have too many qualified students. Who'll never not just make it to college or even walk through the door of a college because they can't afford it. Or their parents can't afford it and thats after getting student loans and end up working low wage jobs that don't go anywhere. Unless they are able to get training on the job and move up through the company that way. So we have too many people qualified for college but simply can't afford it and then we have too many people who wouldn't make it in college. Because they aren't prepared for it because even though they may of even graduated from high school. Weren't taught what they needed to know in order to make it in college and our economy suffers as a result.

Imagine a country where all kids would have access which is just an opportunity to get a good education K-12. Which is all we need and then makes the best of that opportunity and because of that now has access to a higher education. Would we still have people living in poverty, of course we would, would we still have high school dropouts. Students who simply hate school and want nothing to do with it, of course we would and that would still make up a lot of the poverty population. No system of course is perfect but we would no longer have 1-5 people living in poverty in this country. We could get that down to 1-10 or even less then that because now all students in America would have the opportunities. To be successful in life because now they would be able to go to a good school and not be forced to go to a school because of where they are growing up. And we would fund schools base on what they need and not where they are located and all qualified students would have access to a higher education and. Not be locked out because of the financial situation of their parents.

What would this take, roughly eighty billion dollars a year. What are we spending now on college loans and student aid and so fourth. Roughly eighty billion dollars, so scrap the loans and so fourth and replace it with a college financing plan that all parents could start for their kids as soon as they are born. And would be able to control the assets of that plan themselves as long as they aren't spending that money. For anything else other then financing their kids college education. To put each student in college, you need roughly hundred thousand dollars for a four year education. Thats roughly 5,500$ a year that needs to be saved for that kid to go to school. Each parent could put part of that money into their kids. College financing plan or CFP, matched by the Federal Government which would come out of the money that. Currently goes to finance student loans and so fourth and I would make this available to low income workers as well. By increasing the earn income tax credit because again I'm talking about universal access to higher education.

You care about what's called income inequality and you want to do something about that. Focus on education in this country K-12 as well as higher education and lets start not just graduating more. High school students but graduating more high school students who are qualified for college. Instead of focusing on wealthy people because you believe they have too much money, because you close the. Education gap in this country and you also close the income gap at the same time.
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