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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The North Star: Shamus Cooke: Democrats and Labor: "A Tale of Abuse": Why Labor Votes Democratic

Democrats and Labor: A Tale of Abuse

To put it bluntly, honestly as well as truthfully, how often do you see those three words together. Labor is still part of the Democratic coalition because Labor needs Democrats more then Democrats need Labor. Unless you come from the Progressive/Social-Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. And you are a politician, you don't even need Labor to raise money because there are plenty of Liberals as well as other. Leftists who have money, run companies and want to spend that money so their interests are met. Hollywood is an excellent example of that but so is a lot of new startup companies that are run or owned by twenty, thirty. Forty and even fifty something year olds who vote Democratic and who are on the left politically. But aren't as far to the left politically as a lot of Progressive-Democrats on economic policy. Which is why I've been blogging for a couple years now that its time for organize Labor in America to think again about what's their best political. Home especially as their influence not just on the Democratic Party has gotten smaller but on the country as a whole.
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