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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Real News: Video: Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Dead

I don't want to sound cold here and I apologize if I do and you are offended by this in some way. But the death of Hugo Chavez could and I believe will be a good thing for the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela. And I say this for a few reasons because President Chavez was essentially a dictator. Who held elections where non Socialists could run for office but as much as he talked about the need for Socialism and equality in the country. He essentially governed like a Neo-Communist dictator, President Chavez was not a Democratic-Socialist. He was not the Bernie Sanders of Venezuela but the Fidel Castro with a little more freedom for the. Venezuelan people but where the Federal Government controlled most of the media, where the Liberal opposition was essentially physically put. Down even if they weren't violent and where the Federal Government there basically controlled most of the media and resources in the country.

Venezuela similar to Cuba could be a great developed country if the government gets out of the way. And only does the things that the people need it to do and sees that there's good opportunity for all of the people. And not try to centralize all power with just one administration or sector in the country but allows the Venezuelan people live their own lives. And thats not what Hugo Chavez was about but what he was about was centralizing all power with himself. So he do for the people what they can do for themselves and so he could stay in power.
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