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Thursday, April 11, 2013

HBO: Video: Real Time With Bill Maher: Gun Rights vs Privacy: "Its Not Gun Rights Thats Under Attack But Everything Else": Why we Need Ignorance Control More Then Gun Control

Before I write a satire about gun-control, hopefully in a tasteful way but no promises. I just want to make it clear, even as clear as the Potomac River if thats possible that I support. What I call commonsense gun-control aimed at keeping guns away from criminal and crazy people. Not aimed at getting guns out of the hands of responsible adults in America. Meaning the rest of the country.

But having said all of that, wow five lines I also want to point out that without a better mental-healthcare and education system in this country. And we do a better job of keeping guns off of the black-market so when criminals figure out they won't be able to buy guns legally. They'll need to get them illegally, passing any gun-control will be as useful as throwing a glass of water on a. Burning house and then standing there wondering like a genius why is the fire still burning. Well Einstein because you didn't do enough to put out the fire, is that obvious enough for you. And the same thing with gun-control, as long as we have so many ignorant and crazy people in this country. We are going to continue to have Newtown's and Aurora's, Houston's and so fourth not just innocent people dying. But innocent children dying because of the stupidity or craziness of one person or a group of people. And is something that by now we should've woken up from our coma about this, gee I don't two years ago. When a U.S. Representative was shot in the head.

That what we really need is stupid or ignorance-control, perhaps less Republicans in Congress would be a start. But until November of 2014 gets here, we need to be doing things that prevent people from getting access to guns. And gun-control is a start but we need less people who are in this country who lack the basic skills to make it in life. And go on these wild fantasies and think everyone is out to get them and so fourth. And I understand why so many Democrats are pushing gun-control both from political and from policy reasons. But I do not believe enough of them understand why we have so many ignorant crazy people committing these. Tragedies and I mean I would outlaw stupidity if I could and even craziness if I thought that would do any good. But short of that we need less nutty people on the streets and more of them on medication and even. Institutionalized if necessary and that means more funding for our mental-healthcare system in this country.

As long as we have people arming themselves for the new civil-war or whatever war they feel may be coming. And we continue to lose people to high school dropout ness, lets say because they think someone is out to get them. And we fail to recognize these issues before they become tragedies and we miss warning signs about people with serious mental-issues. We are going to continue to lose innocent people children even to gun-violence. And without stupid/crazy-control, gun-control will be like throwing a glass of water on a burning house.
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