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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New York Times: Editorial Board: Mental Illness in California Prisons: How to Prevent Future Tragedies

Mental Illness in California Prisons -

When people are convicted of crimes and sent to prison it then becomes the responsibility of the state at tax-payers expense to look after their welfare. And to make sure that their basic needs are met and there are several different ways of doing that. Not to make sure inmates are living in paradise or something because they are in prison and not suppose to want to be there. But not to be tortured and receive cruel and unusual punishments but for them to have a humane not great life in prison. And when we see so many prison inmates who commit suicide and a lot of times that comes from long terms in isolation. Or prison inmates who have mental conditions and probably should be in mental institutions. Prison mental institutions even, the state whatever the state level of government is not living up to its responsibility to. Meet the basic needs of its inmates and instead imposing cruel and unusual punishment against their inmates which is something that we shouldn't tolerate as a society.

I know prisons are expensive and hard to run especially in tough economic and budget times especially when they are dependent on tax-payers for its finances. Which is why I do not believe that prisons should be dependent on tax-payers at all for its financing at least from general-revenue. That if we were really smart about incarceration and crime and punishment in America. Most if not all of our prisons would finance themselves even as it relates to healthcare including mental-healthcare. Because inmates would be expected and even required to get and education and a job while in prison and working to run. The prisons with real prison-enterprises and so fourth putting inmates to work so they can cover their cost of living in prison. Even as it relates to healthcare including mental-healthcare. Making and selling things that could be used in the prison. Or by other government agencies and even in the private market as well.

I understand that running prisons and making them more humane is even more expensive then they are now at least in the short term. Which is why I do not believe tax-payers who are already strapped in this tough economy should be required to pay more for them. But we still have a responsibility to run humane prisons in America which is why putting inmates to work so they can pay their own bills. Is the most cost-effective and humane way to finance prisons in America.
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