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Friday, April 19, 2013

The North Star: Healthcare: Luke Elliot: The New-Left and the Ballot Box: How Progressives Can Get Their Policies Into Law

The US Left and the Ballot Box

I blogged about a month ago I guess that the way for Progressive/Socialists or Social-Democrats in America. Can get their policies into law whether its healthcare or pensions or voting. Is with a Federalist approach and not allow the Right to own American-Federalism and that Vermont should be the model. To look at but moving forward across the country at the state level instead of going to the Federal Government. Every time they want to see some new law or program passed. Vermont is probably the most Socialist state in the union, just like New Hampshire is probably the most Libertarian state in the. Union and Maryland my home state might be the most Liberal state in the union. And not to make fun of South Carolina but they are probably the capital of the Bible Belt and the religious-right in America. But what makes Vermont different from other Progressive states like lets say Massachusetts is that they. Believe in Federalism that is they are both Socialist and Federalist they believe in both.

Someone who is lets say a Socialist-Federalist thats not a contradiction necessarily as long as they believe in both. Federalism isn't about Leftist government or Rightist government but its about good government and that government closest to home is the best government. So you could have Socialist-Federalism and have Socialist policies in your state but that its your state thats creating those polices. Instead of Socialists from the Federal Government creating all of these new Federal programs and telling the states what they. Can do with their own money, what Vermont is saying with its very own single-payer health insurance program. Is that we do not need Uncle Sam to try to build our Socialist-Utopia for us that we can do that ourselves with our own money and our own people.

Vermont is saying that the Feds through failure of either inaction or not having the votes. Is failing to deliver the government that we want and that we at the state level can not only do that instead but create. The policies on our own and do not need Uncle Sam to try to do that for us.
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