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Saturday, February 2, 2013

RT: Video: UK Tax Chaos: Govt Raising Twice as Many Taxes As it Cuts

If you don't think British taxes are already too high, check this video out.

Bruce FF: Caterina Balivo in Skinny Denim Jeans in Boots

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

Considering I have no idea who the hell Caterina Balivo is, other than she is a beautiful sexy Italian women from Italy, not Italian-American at least born in America, she is obviously a very attractive women appearing here I guess on Italian TV. Not as curvy as say as the traditional Italian women American or otherwise. Sophia Loren comes to mind, perhaps the goddess of goddess’ and perhaps the best looking women of all-time at least in her prime. But still a very attractive women obviously and definitely worth checking out in her skinny denims in boots. Very popular in Europe and perhaps especially in Italy where the dress code for women is a bit more liberal than it is in America. And you even see newscasters sporting the jeans in boots look there. Claudia Kleinert in Germany is a perfect example of that.

TruthDig: Economics: Thomas Hedges: An Economic Alternative to Economic Liberalism

An Economic Alternative to Exploitative Free Market Capitalism - Truthdig

I wrote a blog about a year or two ago on Noam Chomsky who gave an interview supporting cooperatives as an alternative to the corporate model. A cooperative is a business thats partially if not completely own by the workers that also has management of course. Where all the employees own a part of the company, meaning the employees not only have a financial stake in doing well for the company. To keep their job but also a financial interest because literally the better the company does, the more money they make. Because they are now stockholders in the company and that post is still in the Democratic Socialist section. Of this blog if you want to check it out. To me thats the Progressive or Socialist alternative to economic Liberalism and Conservatism and is something that not only sounds. Sane but mainstream as well but that something that could work as well and already going on the country like in Texas and in California. The reason why I say this is because there's now a consensus not only in America but Canada and Europe. As well as parts of South America and Asia that all economies need some level of private enterprise in order to be. Successful, that there's a limit to what government can do for its people.

I wrote two blogs this week about what's my ideal economic system as a Liberal and exactly what economic Liberalism is. That it would be an economic system, that encourages work, productivity and success over dependence, unemployment and loafing. That if you want to be successful if life, you got to do everything you can to make that happen for yourself. And it starts with getting a good education and not making crucial mistakes that you are not going to be able to walk away from in life. Dropping out of school, having kids too early, falling in with the wrong crowd and ending up with a. Criminal record and that if you make the right decisions there will be opportunity for you to be successful if life. With an infrastructure, energy, education and tax system that promotes success and productivity. And even a public assistance system that helps people who fall down get themselves backup.

For people who are to the left of be and believe that Liberal economics doesn't go far enough and puts too much weight on the individual. To be successful in life and not enough power for the state to promote what they call economic equality. Or perhaps doesn't trust individuals enough to make their own decisions, take a look at economic cooperatives. Because what you will see there are companies that are private but gives the power to the actual employees themselves and way from corporate executives.